Easy & Efficient Solar Power Generation

Mission Viejo Solar Power Company has been installing, repairing and configuring solar panel systems for businesses and residents in Mission Viejo to provide easy, efficient and environmental power generation.

Our Solar Power High In Demand By Customers

Whether you are interested in a small selection of solar power panels or you would like a larger system that you could use to sell solar power back to the grid, we can help with systems that could power your entire property located in Mission Viejo, your entire business or generate excess power that you could use to pay down the costs of installation/earn profits each month from your OC electric bill.


Huge Advantages With A Solar Installation

Installing solar panels can come with a number of huge advantages and our company can present a number of modern options that can generate solar power for your property as efficiently as possible: Individuals that install solar panels can earn tax credits,  save thousands of dollars on their Hydro bill as well as enjoy a greater investment in their property. Homes that have their own solar power can often achieve premium prices of $10-$15,000 more on average in their asking prices located in Mission Viejo.